Epic Rest & Relaxation Experience at Singapore's Changi Airport.

The evolution of airport design has seen airports across the world become more than points of exit or entry; but as destinations in themselves. The airport is now conceived as a city, with entirely redesigned & enhanced user experiences.

More recently, in Middle East and Asia, airports vie for positions as regional gateways.

“The airport is now conceived as a city in itself, with entirely redesigned user experiences.”

Singapore’s Changi airport has been leading the way. Competitive flight prices mean it’s often the transiting destination that dictates a passenger’s route of travel, especially if you have had a successful experience all ready. So what makes Changi so successful?

(Changi Airport Lounge Area)

You have to look a little deeper at the world’s best airport. Changi excels by not forgetting the needs of the tired passenger, the one who’s just been cramped up on a 10+ hour economy flight from Sydney, New York or London, before commencing another journey. We’ve all been on these trips, and it’s at this juncture where airports tend to disappoint and leave us floundering as we re-board.


Sure passengers could splash out for an expensive private airport lounge or hotel, but Changi goes the extra mile by designing quality rest and relaxation experiences in their all-encompassing public areas. And what better way to encourage a state of blissful restfulness at the world’s best airport than by incorporating the world’s leading designer bean bags - Ambient Lounge.

“What better way to encourage a state of restfulness at the world’s best airport than by incorporating the world’s leading designer bean bags - Ambient Lounge!”


This process wasn't just placing bean bags within a space and "setting and forgetting". Changi worked with our international design & production team (and their airport strategy team) to modify existing waterproof designs so they we able to be semi-fixed to the floor and not be transported across the terminals by passengers.  Fabrics and filling were made to high fire retardant standards for safety. The result was a spectacular success and a huge hit with travel weary passengers.

Ambient Lounge's modified to be Semi-Fixed

It’s this kind of shift in the design and user experience of airports that has led to Changi claiming the top award for airports for 3 consecutive years, and at least top 3 for 16 consecutive years.

Ambient Lounge's provide maximum comfort for weary bodies to sink into; the perfect product that replaces the conventional hardened benches and airport seats, where a state of relaxation is virtually impossible. This collaboration sets a new kind of standard for both public and private areas in the design of airports.


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