Stainless Steel Coffee Cup - WHITE


Need a cup that gets you going in the morning together with your hot coffee or cold juice? Bring this beautiful insulated cup with you to work or enjoy a luxurious way of working from home. 

Keep your drinks hot or cold for over 3 hours. Get this eco-friendly insulated cup by ambient lounge® in a stunning and sleek black colour. This features a contemporary embossed icon logo, easy clean surface, and secure drinking lid perfect for sipping on the go, without spillage.

This stylish insulated coffee cups isn't just something that you can get for yourself. This can be a perfect gift too! Packed beautifully, it can easily be the best Christmas gift, birthday gift or just a token for any occasion.

    Colour:  White
    • durable
    • easy to clean
    • food-grade
    • high-quality stainless steel
    • non-slip
    • stainless steel
    Manufacture:  Ambient Lounge
    1. Avoid scratching the surface of the cup with a scrubber – use a sponge and washing-up liquid to remove any coffee stains.
    2. Wash with warm water solution or cold water solution to sanitize.
    3. Rinse with clean water and dry.
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