Funnelweb Mesh Filling Bag (Beans Not Included)


Ambient Lounge® Funnelweb Bag (bag only - filling not included). Get the bag/system that revolutionized filling bean bags. The Funnelweb is a bag that zips onto any Ambient Lounge® bean bag furniture gusset - which makes bead transferring mess free. Just zip and tip. Great for cleaning your bean bag covers too - just empty beads into the Funnelweb bag and wash the cover. An essential maintenance accessory to keep your bean bags tulopped and up and looking like new for years. 

A total bean bag bead transfer & logistic solution. Australian Registered Patent Number: 2007100119

What is it?
At last! A patented, exclusive system that takes the mess and hassle out of filling and emptying compatible beanbag furniture, safer, quicker and easier than any other known system in the world.

How does it work?
Every Ambient Lounge® Beanbag has a Funnelweb® compatible gusset built-in. Simply zip your Funnelweb bag to the gusset and tip/shake your beans from one bag to the other. It's that easy! Use it to fill your beanbag, or to empty and store the beans when washing your beanbag. A must have accessory to go with your fantastic Ambient Lounge product. Add it to your order now or simply buy bead filling.

Click here to find out how the Funnelweb works

1- Far quicker to fill a bean-bag. 30 seconds.
2- Filling can be done easily by just one person.
3- Little or no spillage of fill material
4- Far safer around children
5- Two zip safety access to the bean bag is a double barrier to child access.
6- Great for storing the beans whilst washing the bean bag.
7- When not in use, store the Funnelweb bag in the gusset of your Ambient Lounge bean bag.


Filling needed
Bean Bags Filled Rec Buy
EVOLUTION SOFA 280lt 300lr
STUDIO LOUNGER 280lt 300lt
ROMA SOFA 280lt 300lt
ZEN LOUNGER 290lt 300lt
OTTOMAN 120lt 150lt
FIORENZE 300lt 300lt
TECH PILLOW Pre-filled N/A
Gold Class    
BUTTERFLY SOFA 420lt 450lt
ACOUSTIC SOFA 300lt 300lt
TWIN COUCH 600lt 600lt
TIVOLI 300lt 300lt
PET LOUNGE (large) 300lt 300lt
PET LOUNGE (medium) 150lt 150lt


This chart is here to assist with recommended levels of filling and what you should purchase for your bean bags. Please note that personal comfort levels vary with the individual and bean bag beads can flatten so buying a little more beads than you need is always best. In the funnelweb system bead storage and zip-and-tip top ups are easy.

Funnelweb Filling (+video)
WATCH: How to Use a Funnelweb Bag to Fill and Keep your Bean Bag Furniture Amazing

WATCH: How to Fill an Ambient Lounge® with Funnelweb Bag in Less than 60 Seconds

You'll never spill the beans. Filling an Ambient Lounge® bean bag with Funnelweb system takes less than 60 seconds from Ambient Lounge 

No longer will you need to be carting awkward bags around shopping centers, spilling bean bag beans all over your lovely home, wrestling with plastic bags and get half the family to help you fill or top up a bean bag.  Ambient Lounge bean bag filling come in the Patented Funnelweb™ Zip & Tip System Bag - delivered in an environmentally friendly re-usable outer transport bag - directly to your door. It’s a one person job that’s quick, convenient and cheap. We provide you with smaller, denser, quieter, far higher quality beads that last longer than supermarket beads and feel much better. Sitting is believing. No matter where you are – whether in the top of Scotland, east of England or the bottom of Wales, we sell and deliver three great (and beautifully packaged) sizes of quality bean bag bean filling anywhere within mainland UK. Our 150+plus bags are fabulous for re-usable filling and maintenance. For jumbo sized bean bag and bulk bean bag deals, please call us and we’ll be happy to assist.

With the Funnelweb system you won't spill the beans. The exclusive Funnelweb® Zip & Tip System takes all of the hassle out of filling and emptying Ambient Lounge® (and Funnelweb compatible) bean bag chairs. In 30 seconds, you zip your inner bag to the bean bag and zip the beads in. The advantages are not limited to convenience -  caring for your bean bag cover is also easier. You can unfill and clean your cover with one person in a matter of seconds. Check out how easy transferring beads is now with our Funnelweb® System.

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