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ATTENTION: UK Brand Managers

High quality bean bag furniture is powerful, active advertising that helps your brand stand out in the conjestion of a crowd.

So why pay top ££ for a passive billboard or advertising sign? It’s far better value for your UK marketing GBP to have your audience sitting within your brand’s bean bag chairs and interacting with the tactile and feel good factor.

Imagine having your logo or company message tastefully displayed, in company pantone colours, on hundreds of beautiful designer seats.

A custom branded bean bag not only creates a great visual impact, but is better for brand retention and a lingering goodwill that is associated with feelings of blissful comfort. It’s also got the street cred of casual coolness with younger adult demographics.

Finally, as brand manager/ambassador you can feel assured that our team take meticulous care of your brand; ensuring high quality print, finishing and design.

Order Information

High quality bean bag furniture made to order.

We take orders from as small as 10 to as large as 10,000 bean bags. We already have a fantastic range of colours of products, ready to go with your corporate logo, embroidered or printed, limited only by the imagination (and budget!).

We will also custom make with custom fabrics in custom pantones and special finishing touches if the quantities are large enough to warrant. You can be assured that our service, worldwide expertise and friendly follow up ensures that you will get something that is right for your type of event, showroom, festival or marketing campaign.

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